Californian Diet

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The Californian diet is about eating lots of fresh whole foods

The plan essentially advises dieters to stock up on olive oil, veg and lean proteins – as well as indulging in wine and chocolate.
The only restriction happens when it comes to how much of each nutrient you’re eating, and the size of your plate.

All meals include one of our signature protein/healthy shake and a snack.

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It has four waves, designed to help you cut fat and then maintain that loss.
Month 1 – weight loss
Month 2 – target weight
Month 3 Onwards – Maintenance
“The California diet encourages people to focus on weight loss and promises a ‘trimmer waist’ in just ten days.
“It also encourages individuals to be very strict with portions sizes – which will likely lead to disordered eating habits and an unhealthy relationship with food.”
The concentration on tiny portions doesn’t foster a healthy relationship with food.
Additionally, weight loss does not equal healthy – is your health really worth sacrificing to weigh a few pounds less?
“Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and it is about time we start to embrace that. Nutrition is important but so is actually enjoying food,”
But it is worth saying that portion control can be important if you are overweight and is something many of struggle with.
“Your weight is one of the best guides to whether you’re eating the right number of calories or not.
“Making changes to balance your diet, such as eating more fruit instead of chocolates, crisps and biscuits, will reduce the number of calories you consume but you also need to consider the total amount you’re eating.”

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